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Dream Flavours

Just the way you’d like it

Sublime: the epitome of bliss
In the lap of luxury within idyllic surroundings

Gourmet cuisine together with fine wines

Attentive yet unobtrusive service

Take advantage of air transfers when possible

Splash out wisely





Wacky: a different take

Avant garde hotels- unusual in Sri Lanka

Enjoy fusion food and get the best of both worlds

Try some innovative cocktails

Finish off by savouring Colombo’s night-life spots





Barefoot: back to basics

A dip in a river instead of the infinity pool

Scrumptious food based on fresh produce and local cuisine

Forget the ipod – listen to the breakers on the nearby shore or leaves rustling in the wind

Wi-free rather than Wi-fi!




Adrenalin: feel that rush

Go surfing on the East coast

Camp out on a mountain and then track a leopard

Try out the real off-road experience, in the middle of nowhere, under the supervision of an expert who can ford rivers and winch you out of trouble


Why not mix and match?

Try an “Adrenalin” start followed by a “Sublime” finish: contact a Dream Planner